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Joanna McGetrick Dermatologist
St. Augustine, Florida

Dorothy Buckner Dermatologist
San Jose, California

Welcome to The International Association
of Dermatologists

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An elite group of practicing dermatologists from around the world...

Our members are hand selected through extensive research, and invitation to membership is granted only to those individuals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in the field of dermatology. Each year The IAD publishes The Leading Physicians of the World. It is here where our memberís professional biographies are featured, and then distributed to thousands of healthcare professionals and consumers globally. Inclusion into the International Association of Dermatologists is a tribute to your professional achievements, and opens up a wealth of opportunities for you and your practice.

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Among being a high honor in the medical community, The IAD is also a resource for patients to find top dermatologists in their area. Through multiple mediums both published and online, the IAD makes sure that our elite groups of dermatologists are a consumerís first choice. Whether you specialize in a certain disease state, or are trying to increase your cosmetic business, The IAD will put your name in the forefront of search engines, mail campaigns, and published directories.

The IAD is a unique organization, bringing together the brightest minds in the field of dermatology. With unparalleled capabilities in marketing and networking; induction into the IAD creates a global platform for you to promote yourself, your ideas, and your business.
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