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 Members of Interest

Martin Mihm Jr Dermatologist
Boston, Massachusetts

Chrysalyne Schmults
Boston, Massachusetts

Andrew Margileth
Miami, Florida

Jeremy Sunseri Dermatologist
Panama City, Florida

Julie Russak Dermatologist
New York, New York

About us

The International Association of Dermatologists is a premier networking organization for dermatologists world-wide. The IAD is a subsidiary of The International Association of HealthCare Professionals (IAHCP). IAHCP is made up of numerous medical specialties and gives our dermatologists the opportunity to network with other top physicians either locally or worldwide.

The IAD was founded on the idea that personal achievement is deserving of recognition and reward. Through a variety of benefits offered, The IAD offers our top dermatologists ways to improve their business through state of the art networking and marketing capabilities. As a meeting place for the top minds in dermatology, The IAD is offers unlimited opportunities to further your success.

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